We offer motivated individuals the opportunity to attend summer programmes in the UK and USA.

Such programmes include:

  • Full immersion at prestigious British Prep Schools (students aged 7-13 years)
  • Full immersion at British Senior Schools (students aged 13-17 years)
  • Intensive Academic English Courses in Economics, Politics and many more subjects
  • EFL Summer language schools – experience the academic, social and cultural life of British Boarding Schools
  • English Plus Sports programmes (students aged 7-17 years)
  • Pre-IB or A-Level Summer programmes to support curriculum work
  • US Summer Camps including SAT preparation at Ivy League Universities
  • English Plus courses, for example English Plus Business and English For Lawyer (for University students and adult professionals)
  • General Term Time English Courses (for adult professionals)

For further details, please contact us.